Stenograph’s OG customers are reaching out for answers.

As a user of Stenograph products and/or services, do you have questions you’d like answered? If so, you’re not alone. Court reporters have started a petition to show the company that many would like their questions answered at a town hall. You can add your signature by visiting the website here.

Some questions shorthand writers would like answered include the following:

We have not seen productive software updates in quite some time. What is in the pipeline for supporting and updating the software and hardware stenographers utilize?

Who are the people or departments in your corporation focused on us and who is your top developer for new stenographic technology?

What percentage of your effort is focused on continuing to develop cutting-edge products for stenographers?

Why are your servers always having disconnect issues?

Why are support hold times so long and many times your reps are unable to fix our issues or say “we don’t support that”?

Can you outline specifically what are we getting with our expensive support contract?

Can you provide transparency of your alignment and participation with organizations such AAERT, STTI, FTR, et al and sponsoring AAERT’s annual meeting and why you have abandoned your presence with NCRA and DO NOT sponsor NCRA’s Business Summit and discontinued ads in the JCR?

Are you funded by the companies/organizations on STAR’s board who actively promote digital?

Why isn’t there more showcasing of the huge enrollment of steno students countrywide and the steno schools and the 703 new reporters California gained since the Ducker study?

Your focus seems to have fully shifted towards digital with steno a distant afterthought. Would you consider this a true statement?

Why is Stenograph openly only promoting and marketing digital reporting?

We are told by your reps that we are a “priority.” But we never see promotional videos/ads/podcasts of the gold standard stenographer showcasing their remarkable skills. Can you explain this?

Would you like any of these questions answered? Do you have your own to add? Head over to and sign the petition. With enough signatures, maybe Stenograph will listen.

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