Notice to Members: Prohibited Audio Transcription

Members have been contacted by an individual seeking transcription services by an authorized reporter, the audio being “incidentally recorded” in a Residential Tenancy Branch hearing. It is noted that Rule 6.11 of the Dispute Resolution Rules of Procedures reads:

6.11  Recording prohibited

Persons are prohibited from recording dispute resolution hearings, except as allowed by Rule 6.12. Prohibited recording includes any audio, photographic, video or digital recording.

The Board does not support the transcription of prohibited audio.

The proper way to obtain an official transcript is outlined in Rule 6.12:

6.12  Official transcript

A party requesting an official transcript by an accredited Court Reporter must make a written request stating the reasons for the request to the other party and to the Residential Tenancy Branch directly or through a Service BC Office not less than seven days before the hearing.

An arbitrator will determine whether to grant the request and will provide written reasons to all parties and issue any necessary orders.

If permission is granted, the party making the request must:

a) prior to the hearing, provide the Residential Tenancy Branch with proof of the Court Reporter’s accreditation;

b) make all necessary arrangements for attendance by the accredited Court Reporter and their necessary equipment;

c) pay the cost of the accredited Court Reporter’s attendance at the dispute resolution hearing;

d) pay the cost of the Court Reporter’s services and the cost of transcripts; and

e) provide all parties and the Residential Tenancy Branch with official copies of the transcript.

– BCSRA Board of Directors

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