British Columbia Shorthand Reporters Association

The BCSRA is a non-profit, member-funded, professional association serving British Columbia's court/realtime reporters, CART providers, and broadcast captioners.


What's going on in the world of court reporting in British Columbia.

Notice to Members: Prohibited Audio Transcription

Members have been contacted by an individual seeking transcription services by an authorized reporter, the audio being “incidentally recorded” in […]

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Revision of Practice Direction 17

Chief Justice Hinkson has revised Practice Direction 17 – Real-Time Reporting. PD-17, which was first issued on July 1, 2010, […]

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Form of Address – Supreme Court of BC Practice Direction

Chief Justice Hinkson has issued a practice direction on form of address: A justice is to be addressed as “Chief […]

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Official Reporter CRC – Due December 8, 2021

Don’t forget your official reporter CRC! The new Official Reporter Regulations requires all official reporters have a criminal record check […]

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Notice to Members: Nonpayment

The following notice was distributed to BCSRA members in the Summer 2021 Newsletter: It has come to our attention that […]

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Quickly Share Your Knowledge & Submit a Post to the BCSRA Website

Do you have an ad for our classifieds section? What about a notice for an event? Maybe an update on […]

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Transcript Format Update for Provincial Court Family Rules

Please note the transcript format update: Provincial Court (Family Rules) will be referenced as Provincial Court Family Rules in transcripts […]

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BCSRA Job Board: Discover Court Reporting Jobs Across Beautiful BC

The BCSRA job board is open to full participating members or affiliate members who are owners and/or managers of court […]

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Update to Speaker Designations and Indiscernible Notations

1. Speaker Designations Please note the update to gender-neutral colloquies and bylines. Instead of Ms. or Mr., have your speaker […]

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