Notice to Members: References to the Sovereign

references to the sovereign

Effective immediately, references to the Sovereign in civil and criminal matters should be to “Rex” or “His Majesty the King” in place of “Regina” or “Her Majesty the Queen.”

Transcripts of proceedings that took place prior to September 8, 2022 (the day the Queen died) should refer to the Sovereign as Regina/HMTQ (and Queen’s Counsel), and transcripts of proceedings from September 8, 2022 onwards should refer to Rex/HMTK (and King’s Counsel).

Please see the Supreme Court’s Notice for further information.

The Provincial Court Notice to the Profession and Public NP29 provides the same guidance and further confirms that the designation “Queen’s Counsel/QC” has now become “King’s Counsel/KC” under the Interpretation Act, RSBC 1996, c.238 and this will be reflected on orders and decisions effective immediately.

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