Full Participating Member Benefits

Join the BCSRA as a full participating member to enjoy the following benefits. The benefits list is always growing, so check beck regularly.

Conferences, seminars, & coffee chats

Connect with others in the profession by joining us at our yearly fall conference and regularly hosted coffee chats.

Private online discussion forum

Join the BCSRA-run Discord page, which includes text channels for a variety of topics, voice channels to chat with your fellow reporters, and a BC-wide networking job board.

New to BC?

Welcome to British Columbia! Reach out to us and request your welcome letter, which will outline what you need as a new BC reporter.

join the bcsra
Work opportunities

Full participating members have access to a BC-wide job board and can post availability or reply to firms* or other reporters looking for coverage.

*If you are a manager or scheduler of a BC court reporting firm, affiliate membership will grant you access to the job board and permission to post to the BCSRA website's classifieds.

Personalized membership certificate

Show off your BCSRA membership and assure lawyers of your official reporter designation. Print it, frame it, and proudly display in your office. Set it as your videoconferencing profile pic or background.

Membership number & certificate seal

Put your lawyers' minds at ease: Your BCSRA membership number and seal will ensure anyone looking at your transcript certificate knows you're a BCSRA-approved Official Reporter.

Realtime testing opportunities

Earn your Realtime Certified Reporter (RCR) designation by attempting one — or both — of the biannual realtime tests.

Member directory

Be easily findable by lawyers on the BCSRA membership directory.

Coming soon?

Is there a benefit that should be added to the list? Let us know. Here are some items currently in progress or being investigated, as requested by BCSRA members:

loaner writer
If you have a spare steno machine, please contact the board.

continuing education credits
The board will be suggesting a continuing education component at the next AGM.

conference/seminar travel funds
To be reviewed at the next AGM.

Wondering if you're eligible to join the BCSRA? Per 2.1.1 of the BCSRA bylaws, you could possibly be a full participating member if you are a person who:

(a) has successfully completed an approved shorthand training course; or has successfully completed the examination requirements set forth by the board of examiners;


(a) is a shorthand reporter who has been a full participating member in good standing with a recognized Canadian association and who has been engaged in the active practice of shorthand reporting for at least one year prior to the application for membership; or

(b) is the holder of a certificate of professional ability recognized by this association and is thereby deemed by the board of directors, upon recommendation from the board of examiners, to be admitted to full participating membership with or without further examination or training,


(a) currently resides and/or works in British Columbia

(b) provides letters of sponsorship from two non-family members.

Accept No Substitutes

Ensure your reporter is an Official Reporter as governed by the Court Rules Act, Official Reporters Regulation (B.C. Reg. 222/84) and Supreme Court Civil Rules 7-2(12), 7-8(2)(16).

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