The Senate of Canada is hiring.

Are you a CACR graduate with eight-plus years of experience? If yes, check out this Chief of Production opportunity.

Job Type: Indeterminate (Permanent) Full-Time
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Minimum Salary: 87341/Year
Maximum Salary: 110514/Year
Closing Date: May 29, 2023

For more information, including how to apply, click here.

senateWe are looking for a dynamic and self-motivated professional to oversee the production of the transcripts of the Senate to be published in the Debates of the Senate and committee proceedings. Senate-sponsored conferences and travelling committees.

As a member of the Communications Directorate, you will supervise the real-time reporting of the Senate Chamber, committee meetings and parliamentary conferences. You will also manage the day-to-day production process and the flow of documents and information within the Legislative Services Sector to enable the timely creation of transcripts. In this role, you will contribute to preserving the rich history of parliamentary debates and to ensuring Canadians can access the written records of Senate proceedings.

When required, you will collaborate with your team to sub-edit digital transcripts, review the Debates style guide with parliamentary reporters and scopists and organize training sessions to upgrade and refine reporting, scoping and editing skills for members of your team.

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