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Accurate Realtime Reporting Inc.

Number of Vacancies: 3

Company Information: Located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Accurate
Realtime Reporting Inc. (“ARRI”) provides transliteration or Communication Access
Realtime Translation (“CART”) Captioning services to people with hearing challenges as
well as anyone who struggles with spoken English anywhere in the world.

With a shorthand machine, at the speed of the spoken word (over 225 words per minute),
our professional human captioners instantaneously translate the spoken to the written
word in realtime. This transliteration enables users of the service to participate fully
anywhere people gather, whether on location or online anywhere in the world.

Job Duties:

Accurate Realtime Reporting Inc. is looking for CART Captioners/Transliterators to
perform the following duties:

  • Simultaneously translate oral English to written English (and at least one other
    language) using specialized equipment (called a shorthand machine) at the speed
    of the spoken word. This text delivery can be displayed on site or remotely, via the
  • Provide communication access, including environmental cues to support people
    with hearing loss, including but not limited to judicial proceedings/court,
    administrative tribunals, business meetings, medical appointments, religious
    gatherings, educational venues, conferences, social events such as weddings,
    memorials, theatre, etc.
  • Support other CART Captioners/Transliterators, including being flexible and able
    to fill in at a moment’s notice, if required.
  • Be aware of difference and understand “deaf culture” and other nuances of working
    with people with hearing loss.
  • Maintain our specialized equipment and software and know how to use it and when.
  • Be responsive and comfortable with taking instruction from ARRI’s management.


  • A university/college degree in translation with a specialization in translation,
    interpretation, court reporting or terminology in two languages including at least
    one of English or French; OR
  • A university degree in a related discipline such as languages, linguistics, philology
    and courses in linguistic transfer and two years’ experience as a full-time CART
    Captioner/Transliterator working in two languages, at least one of which is English
    or French OR
  • Five years of experience as a full-time CART Captioner/Transliterator working in
    two languages, at least one of which English or French; AND
  • Machine shorthand typing at over 225 words a minute with over 98% accuracy is
    an asset for this position.

Terms of Employment:

  • Full-time – 30 to 40 hours per week.
  • $100/hour

#903-1127 Barclay Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 4C6


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