22Keys: Extra Income for Authorized Reporters

Well, hello there! We’re looking for Authorized Reporters who are interested in making some supplemental income through court transcription work. Our system makes it easy for freelancers to pick up a transcription job here and there. The best part? We give our contractors an 80 percent cut!

How does our transcription system work?

A client goes to the 22Keys website and fills out what they need transcribed — type of proceedings, length of audio, when they need it back. Their request goes out to all Authorized Reporters with 22Keys and is on a first-come-first-served basis. If you can’t take it on, just refuse the request. If you’re available for that transcription work, click “Accept.” Our automation will message the client back to say, “An authorized reporter said yes to your transcription request. Please send us your audio.” And the rest is as expected!

We can’t bill sitting fees for court audio transcription & there aren’t really “copies” to speak of, which is why court transcription rates are 2.5 times our regular transcript rates. See our rates here. (And, of course, you get the 80 percent!)

If you think a bit of extra cash is just want you’re looking for, throw us an email.

22Keys is run by reporters for reporters.

We’re shorthand court reporters trying to modernize and revolutionize court reporting in Canada.

Are you a BCSRA member? We ask all our contractors join the association in an effort to support our profession.

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