British Columbia Shorthand Reporters Association

The BCSRA is a non-profit, member-funded, professional association serving British Columbia's court/realtime reporters, CART providers, and broadcast captioners.

2023 Membership Renewal

Renew your 2023 membership before December 1 to get the early-bird price.

Join the BCSRA

Whether you are a BC court reporter, CART captioner, or broadcast captioner, you can enjoy the many benefits of the British Columbia Shorthand Reporters Association.

Find a Court Reporter

Need a court reporter? Use this BCSRA resource to find an Official Reporter in good standing with the British Columbia Shorthand Reporters Association.

NCRA A to Z Program

If you are interested in the many career opportunities of shorthand writers, try the free six- to eight-week NCRA A to Z® Program, now offered by the BCSRA.

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