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The BCSRA is a non-profit, member-funded, professional association serving British Columbia's court/realtime reporters, CART providers, and broadcast captioners.


What's going on in the world of court reporting in British Columbia.

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Dispatches from a Senate Parliamentary Reporter on the West Coast

Written by Heidi Archer A few years ago, as I was finishing up work after captioning an NHL game, the […]

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Bilingual Shorthand Reporters: Le ministere de la Justice du Quebec is hiring

Are you a shorthand reporter with the ASRA or BCSRA? Are you bilingual (French and English)? Quebec is knocking on […]

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Letter to the Editor: Misuse of Terminology

An article posted in Canadian Lawyer references “a stenographer’s benefits claim,” though the BCSRA has its doubts that the person […]

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The Inferiority of Digital Court Reporting: A Summary

Digital court reporting, although seemingly modern and technologically advanced, falls short of the efficiency and security offered by computerized stenography. […]

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MCRA Open Letter to Stenograph re May 31, 2023, Townhall

The Massachusetts Court Reporters Association (MCRA) has shared an open letter directed to Stenograph with respect to its suggested townhall […]

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Stenograph Users Petition for Town Hall – 1000 Signatures Needed

Stenograph’s OG customers are reaching out for answers. As a user of Stenograph products and/or services, do you have questions […]

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Oppose Trial Rule 74

In January 2023, the Indiana Supreme Court’s Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure introduced a proposed amendment to the […]

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Update to BC Court of Appeal Civil Transcript Cover Pages

Please note that the cover pages for BC Court of Appeal civil transcripts have been updated. The Ministry has not […]

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Notice to Members: References to the Sovereign

Effective immediately, references to the Sovereign in civil and criminal matters should be to “Rex” or “His Majesty the King” […]

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