A Night at the Movies

Submitted by Bonnie M.

An interesting thing happened a few weeks ago, and I thought I’d share …

My ma, well into her 90s, wanted to go to a movie.  Said she hadn’t been for 10 years.   She wears hearing aids, but still misses a lot of what is said, so we picked a theatre with Closed Captioning.   The manager asked us if we wanted “Descriptive Audio” or “Hearing Amplified” earphones.

We chose the “Hearing Amplified” earphones.  Apparently the “Descriptive Audio” is for sight impaired movie goers, which describes what’s going on when there’s no talking.

The manager brought us two things, a set of earphones and a curious contraption with a ball on one end and a tiny screen on the other with a gooseneck rod in between.

She put the earphones on and said she could hear everything wonderfully.  But the other device was the coolest thing ever.  The ball part went into her cup holder; the gooseneck part was arranged so she could see the little screen, which we positioned at eye level just below her view of the big screen.

The words to the movie popped up just a millisecond before they were actually said, and I found myself watching the little screen with her, of course.

It was all very cool and she didn’t miss a thing and totally enjoyed the movie After Earth, starring Will and Jaden Smith.

So, if you know anyone who doesn’t attend the movies because their hearing’s not great, be sure to tell them about the new gizmos they can get, for free!